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Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
. panel. [applause] ♪ >>> now, former state department officials from the obama and george w. bush adds -- administrations talk about student exchange programs, social media, and voice of america broadcasts. from george washington university, this is a little less than two hours. >> i think it's going to be a great event. judith jumped the line at union station and aannoyed probably 150 people to get here. >> [inaudible] >> that's action. i hope they were not from other countries. i'm a professor here at gw and director for institute for public diplomacy and education hosting this event. find us on twitter. we're also on facebook, and we're also hosting a conversation on twitter about this event, hash tag ipdgc, and i welcome you to participate in that happen what i'm going to do to get this rolling is give brief introductions and bios for the great panel here and get going into the discussion, and we have a lot of interesting people in the room so i know we have to leave time for discussion. first, we have ambassador glassman, executive the george w. bush institute. after a long career
Nov 16, 2012 8:00pm EST
romney very much emphasized the old order argument that the united states always have to be the leader and you had a president obama a candidate or a president who has made clear over the past four years that while he believes there are moments when american interests are vitally challenged, where it has to step in and take the lead, the bin laden raid cometh to the iranian nuclear program. there are many other issues in which he is perfectly happy to have the rest of the world step up. we saw this in libya and boosting the outcome of this to some degree in libya. this is part of life in the united states is described at the light footprint strategy. the idea of the u.s. does not have to be falling and to every single issue. so what the light footprint and what that not so good at? 35 miles from islamabad of course is that the knowledge of anybody else in pakistan. it is fairly good at getting deep down into the iranian nuclear program using cyberweapons and i've spent a fair bit of reporting time in the past two years on the question of how the united states managed to use its
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
familiar with what kind of targeting the obama campaign did to lgbt voters in the states? >> i don't know. we have all heard that their research shows the votes the same thing we have seen in other national polling places. if you vote lgbt and straight marriage equality is a top motivator and perhaps you can add to that but i think it's something that they saw. there was certainly no price to be paid on this issue and there's a significant case to be made that there was increased excitement amongst the youth vote because of that position in the contrast of that position with the opana. >> the other issues if you look at the lgbt voters and the gallup data, they are disproportionately female, younger and on white. and those are all -- so i looked at the elections and i said would have given those characteristics they voted like the general public did given that they are characteristics and if that happens lgbt vote should be about 56-44, for obama and romney which suggested there something about the lgbt thing that gives obama a 21-point split. i am not saying that is all lgbt, but i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3